Between the 15th and the 17th of January Nudo will be presenting the collection in Neonyt, the Sustainable Fashion Fair in Berlin. Under this new name, the event takes a step further on the path initiated by the previous editions of Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show to become a benchmark for ethical and sustainable fashion. A fundamental appointment for international buyers seeking innovative brands and values.

For NUDO, the presence in this event is part of the strategy of international opening of the brand, which seeks to orient itself to buyers sensitized with the search of a fashion with values.

In addition to this participation in the professional fair, part of the new collection of NUDO will be the protagonist of the Sustainable fashion show that is part of the MBFW in Berlin. An occasion that the organisers of the event want to take advantage of to bring the most innovative proposals of sustainable design to the general public. The parade will take place on Tuesday, January 15 at 7:30 p.m. local time in Berlin.

This initiative to schedule a fashion show of sustainable brands within the framework of fashion week is marked by the growing global trend of the market towards the search for more ethical and cleaner formulas in the design and production of clothing and that is already reaching brands from all areas of fashion, from the great luxury agents to the fast fashion brands.

Piel Marina

Piel Marina is the name of the new collection and it explores the power of the sea as a source of life, but also its enormous strength to configure magical landscapes, of organic textures through erosion. In an incessant come and go. A caress that feeds the birth of moss, fish or coral. And a beating that sculpts the stone to bear witness to the passage of time. A wild balance in which we are all Piel Marina.

This collection pays homage to the women who dedicate their lives to the sea, who every day, face the challenge of dominating this powerful element, creating the necessary symbiosis to nourish themselves from it. Life comes from the sea, but also death. The erosion of the stone and the skin.

We explore this dichotomy to create fluid and texturally-filled garments that envelop the body and adopt colours of the marine environment. Stone, moss, net, water, coral.

One more step towards sustainability

In addition to the usual use of natural fibers in garments, such as cotton or Tencel, this collection takes a further step towards sustainable production, incorporating new organic fabrics, which can be found in trousers, jackets, shirts and tricot jerseys . The brand also opens to the use of recovered fibers, such as cotton or recycled pesco. This line of work towards a more ethical and clean fashion extends to the details and trimmings. We use buttons made from recycled materials as cotton and zippers of natural fabrics.

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