Strike for future

On September 27, we are joining the #globalclimatestrike, an unprecedented global strike that puts global climate at the center of the public debate.

For decades, scientists have closely studied the effects that global warming has on the planet. Increase of temperatures, reduction of the poles, growth of the sea level, desertification of some zones or flood of others and an important alteration in the living conditions of the flora and fauna. The conclusions of these studies are not encouraging. If nothing is done about it, life on the planet will be in danger.

Climate change, experts say, is accelerated by the action of man and the consequences begin to be felt globally. We have created a model of society where the economy and accelerated consumption are at the top of the pyramid. A model where natural resources and species are not only not respected, but are treated as a commodity at the service of economic profitability.

While the negative consequences of this climate change are increasingly evident (although many deny them), little is being done to stop it, especially from the governments of the major world powers. That is why thousands of people will take to the streets to claim global actions that can guarantee survival on the planet.

From #fridayforfuture to #globalclimatestrike

The movement has its origin in the #fridaysforfuture, an initiative promoted by teenage activist Greta Thunberg. The young woman, who began to demonstrate alone, now heads a movement that appeals to the youngest. The objective is to make visible the current environmental situation, as well as the urgent need to take actions to mitigate the consequences that this global climate change can have for future generations.

The actions have resulted in two climate strikes, one held on September 20 and another, called for September 27 that reaches global scale.

From NUDO Clothing we join this strike because it is necessary to highlight the need to change the model we have built and change to a more sustainable way of life.


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