Society pushes us towards individuality. A model of society that has no uniqueness and that rather seeks that people live alienated from each other. While the over-information and the new technologies find their way, we witness the dissolution of the concept of community as we knew it. Under the sweet lure of connectivity, the distance between us and the people around us grows.

We have fallen into the trap of neo-liberal discourse. We have believed that, as individuals, we can do little to change reality. But we must again be aware of the power we have as humans, as a society and, ultimately, as consumers, a role to which the capitalist system seems to have relegated us, almost exclusively. The truth is that with every decision we make, we are shaping the environment and the society in which we want to live.

Every time a person decides to eat food that is not produced intensively, it is slowing down the tendency of over-exploitation of the medium.

Every time a person buys in a neighborhood store, is favoring local employment and generating wealth within his closest environment.

When we bring our production from NUDO to a local workshop, we are promoting, not only employment, but that the people who work there can grow their career, earning a decent salary that allows them to live, create a family, travel or enjoy time of leisure.

Also, every time someone decides to wear one of our clothes, is supporting that M ª Jesús, Fran, Mayte, Marta, Carolina, Paco or Isabel, can devote themselves to what they love and live fairly. People, all of them, who have family, friends, who live in a neighborhood, in a city and who drink coffee every day in the cofee shop next door.

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