When we met Patricia, not only did she seem a wonderful person with a very positive energy, she also left us speechless with her artisan proposal.

From his workshop in Poblenou, Barcelona, he manually makes wooden clogs with contemporary designs. In her workshop, everything invites you to discover. The machines, which Patricia describes with affection, the materials, the showcase of special samples, the disposition of the showroom and the enthusiasm that this shoemaker of the 21st century puts on each pair of D-Zueco.

The relationship between NUDO and the D-Zueco store started with the idea of incorporating their clogs to the shooting for our Autumn-Winter collection. But soon it became something else. Patricia confesses that what she likes the most about her work is listening to the requests of her clients and creating unique pieces for them. And that’s how we started creating the Invisible Warriors Clogs. A unique design that arises from the integration between our materials and the handmade hand of D-Zueco.