Fashion Story: On My Way is the title of the fashion editorial that brings together some of the biggest names in the independent fashion scene of Barcelona such as Txell Miras, Carlota Oms, Now or Never, Rita Row, Colmillo de Morsa, among others, and in which NUDO Clothing also participates.

In addition to some of the designs of our Invisible Warriors collection, we participate with accessories such as visors, custom socks or our belts.

From the hand of the designer and stylist Anel Yaos, who makes an exquisite selection of looks for this fashion story, the editorial invites you to follow your own path with an art direction full of strength.

The team that has made this editorial possible are:

Photography: Laura García

Makeup and hairdressing: Marta Ruiz

Hairdressing and makeup assistant: Estela Rodríguez

Fashion assistant: Gabriel Dipolo.

Discover the full editorial in Contributor Magazine.


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